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String Beings (2007) is Snappy's newest work. A collaboration with MIT New Media Artist Jonathan Bachrach and Boston Symphony Orchestra first violinist Lucia Lin, String Beings will premiere at Snappy's 10th Anniversary Season in Boston in May 2007. Using live musicians, who will become integral parts of the choreography, and realtime technology projections, the new piece will explore issues of manipulation in Snappy's typical style, that is keeping the work on a knife edge between seriousness and humor.

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LUMEN (2005) A collaboration between Snappy and lighting designer Joseph Levendusky, LUMEN explores the interplay between light and bodies. Length: 14 minutes; Music: Wim Mertens.

The Temperamental Wobble (2004) is a 60 minute work inspired by the illustrations of Edward Gorey. The piece was commissioned by Bank of America Celebrity Series for a 2004 Premiere at Boston's Cutler Majestic Theatre. Original Soundscore: Michael Rodach. Excerpts of The Temperamental Wobble can be performed as part of Snappy's general rep show.

Flip/Switch (2004) is a dynamic group piece balancing acrobatics with moments of contemplation. Music:

Overneath (2002) is the result of a year-long collaboration with visual artist Wendy Richmond (the collaboration also resulting in a book of photography). Using yarn barrels as essential props, the dance takes the audience on a dark journey into a world of beings transformed into almost cartoon-like creatures. Original Music by Igor Tkachenko.

Fall Collection (2000) is a trio stylized fashion show, upbeat, dynamic, acrobatic, and making just a little bit of fun of the beautiful movers. Music: Morphine

Movement in D'Flat (2001) is a film noir brought to the stage. Moving screens pick up and deposit scenes from some strange, dark underworld. Original Music: Igor Tkachenko.

Limning Twilight (2000) is a lyrical duet to music by Somei Satoh.

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