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Since 1997, Snappy Dance Theater has been enriching the lives of audiences of all backgrounds and ages with its edgy yet accessible style of dance theater. Blending dance with theater and acrobatics, Snappy Dance Theater thas taken its audiences around the United States and abroad on a journey that's thought-provoking, often humorous, and always entertaining.

On May 31, 2007, Snappy celebrated the world premiere of String Beings and its 10th Anniversary at the Beehive in Boston.

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Snappy featured prominently in December 2007 issue of Dance Magazine!
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String Beings is Snappy's latest project. Click on the image to learn more.


December 2007: Snappy receives substantial grant from the Jessie B. Cox Family Foundation to continue the progress towards professionalizing the company.

December 2007: Snappy is featured prominently in Dance Magazine's December 2007 feature article on dance and technology, with a two-page image from String Beings as the article lead-in.

Snappy is proud to be supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

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